Regular update

Both node and ethoscopes run a custom python package that is maintained on a git repository:

We anticipate that some issue will arise and that you will need to update ethoscopes. Instead or reburning every single card, we offer a tool to update the node and the ethoscopes from our upstream github repository.

  1. Ensure your node can reach the internet
  2. Open the update server (on port 8888, e.g. http://node:8888)
  3. Check you fetched the last version from github (the date of the last update will be displayed). you may need to reload the page.
  4. Select the devices to be updated. Note that devices that are running cannot be updated (an error will show up if you try to)!
  5. Run "update"
  6. Reload the page after a few seconds

Changing branch

We use a GIT branching system to develop the ethoscope. This allows us to prototype new features. You can switch a device to a given upstream branch. This should facilitate colaboration and prototyping. Indeed, this allows us to have a specific experiment version of the software in the lab without compromising the stability of the main (master) version.